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Star Trek Halloween Costumes-Your Next-Generation Sci-Fi Costume

Star Trek Halloween costume is one of the best ways to show your appreciation and how much you enjoy to go where no person has gone before. Being that it's Halloween you will have one great excuse for this holiday to celebrate one of your favorite costume ideas. Not everyone wants to dress up with fake blood and dress up as witches and zombies.

A lot of people are looking for something that is affordable and comfortable. It is a great alternative to dress up for your next Halloween party. You will find that there is a great variety of Star Trek Halloween costumes that you can choose from. Everyone has their favorite character from Star Trek. Because of this you will be able to choose and dress up as anyone character you would like.

Star Trek Halloween costumes are very easy to find online and in your local Halloween costume stores. You will find that they are the most recognizable sci-fi Halloween costumes on the market. If you want to be creative you can choose to make your own costume and then find Star Trek Halloween accessories by searching online at your Star Trek party supply stores.

Both men and boys have the choice of being Captain Kirk, Spock and even the Dr. Bones. If you are a female you can choose the sexy look of Uhura or counsellor troi. You will find that these costumes are very comfortable for you to wear for the whole evening and the party. You also have the added bonus of not painting yourself green.

 The uniforms of the crew of Star Trek are very easily achieved. You may have to find a Star Trek party supply store for the accessories that you search for such is Spock's pointy ears as they may be more difficult to make and easier to purchase.

The uniform has a basic look and is always the same, black trousers and black T-shirt and then either a mustard color or dark blue neck jumper. The most important thing is the accessories that will really make the Star Trek Halloween costume look its best. Remember that you should add the Captains three silver bands around the cuff of his jumper along with the silver enterprise badge.

The other costumes will need gold name badges and gold cups that will allow you to finish off their particular look. The hairstyle is always been a big part of the characters. You will be able to achieve the swept back look with some styling and gel. If you're looking to achieve Spock's bowl cut hair cut a wig would be your best choice.

A female Star Trek costume is usually a short style dress either in red or blue and then you can access arise it in the same way as you would the men's costume, by adding cuff designs and badges. Because of the popularity of Star Trek and the huge following that it has you will be sure that your costume will give everyone something to talk about.

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