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Halloween Movie-The all-time thriller classic for Halloween

John Carpenters Halloween movie needs no introduction: you either saw it or heard about it – no one will say: What’s that? Best seen on Halloween night (no other night will provide a better setting) this Halloween movie is an all-time classic that needs to be seen over and over again.

Although by today standards you might look at it as a “lame” movie, you need to keep in mind that this movie was a low budget movie, done with only $300,000. Sure it had some bad acting and lousy special effects, but if you get pass that, you will be able where so many other movies got their inspiration.

 Michael Myers was the first un-killable serial killer to show up on the screens, and that spawned so many other movies like Friday the 13th, Scream, I know what you did Last summer, and countless others - but it is all started with the Halloween movie.

If you like horror movies, chances are you already saw it – but in case you didn’t, you will be surprised with all the stuff you’ll find in Halloween. You will be able to see things you thought to be original from other more recent movies, the killer lurking in the shadows, in the back seat of your car, you name any scary situation… it’s there.

 Whenever you feel the urge to feel that scary feeling again, just grab the Halloween DVD movie, and you are in for a treat with Michael Myers. Someone that just never seems to die even after Jamie Lee Curtis thought she had stabbed him and he was done with. Not only that how many Halloween sequels have there been because Michael wasn't finished yet.

Halloween Wig-Making your Hair Stand Out from the Crowd
Using a Halloween Wig certainly is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get into the Halloween mood. Using it alone, or as a part of a more elaborate costume, it will make heads turn.

Halloween Vampire-Count Dracula at your Service
Masquerading as a Halloween vampire is not a very original idea, but you have to admit it: a vampire’s sure look great, whatever the occasion. Vampires seem to be one of the top favorites not only in movies and TV shows but also during Halloween season.

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