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Halloween Costumes are what really make that special scary night of the year called Halloween. Wake up any child the morning after Halloween night and most likely the next question right after where is my Halloween candy? What should l be next year? Everyone looks forward to the excitement of dressing up as something special and hiding behind a Halloween mask.

 When you transform yourself into a Halloween ghoul, scarecrow, monster, vampire, witch or mabe a funny Halloween costume idea, you are enjoying the most exciting part of Halloween…and the crazier the halloween costume is, the better.

Halloween Masks and costumes how did it all start?

So how did wearing a costume and Halloween Mask start? Well, the Celts believed that on Halloween night the spirits of the dead were allowed to roam free on the earth. Some of the spirits were good, but some were thought to be hostile and resentful of the living persons that were still enjoying the bounty of the land that once belonged and was inhabited by these long passed spirits. SpookyNite.com:Halloween Child Bunny Costume, kids Halloween costume, Halloween masks, ideas

The Celts to disguise themselves from these dangerous spirits, painted their faces with soot. And it was these simple soot faced disguises that evolved into more elaborate Halloween Horror Masks and Halloween costumes that we see today. Soon it became custom to imitate the spirits themselves by dressing as a skeleton or a ghost.

Halloween costume hints and ideas

Hundreds of halloween costumes are available on the market these days. Finding what you want might depend on two things – firstly the halloween character you want to portray and secondly the cost.

But by searching online, you can easily narrow down the choices and see what types of halloween masks are available. You will find simple inexpensive costumes, funny halloween costumes and some intricately detailed costumes worth hundreds of dollars. Something to keep in mind is that you can easily transform any mediocre costume with some Halloween makeup face paint and a set of halloween contact lenses.

If you are thinking of creating your own halloween costume, it is relatively easy to do from materials you might find around the house – and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort to make or cost a fortune just start with a great halloween costume idea. You can get some amazing effects with everyday items and some imaginative makeup application.

Halloween Makeup advantages, ideas and tips for Halloween

Sometimes halloween makeup may work better than a halloween mask depending on what you are trying to accomplish and how much you want to spend. It can be less expensive, safer for the kids when it comes to trick or treating by not impairing their vision and you can really get some fantastic halloween effects. There are Halloween makeup kits or theatrical grease paint kits that would work with some great colors and can be easily applied and removed afterwards.

You can keep the costs down by using everyday makeup easy obtained like eyeliner pencils, blush, lip liners, and eye shadows. And if you are doing some last minute halloween costume hunting and do not know what to be – here is a real life saving tip - by using some water based paint, inexpensive application tools and some Halloween makeup ideas – your painted face could stand alone and act as a last minute halloween mask. Think about it … some green goblin makeup on your face would work scarily well with ordinary street clothes.

Halloween masks provide you magical power

Halloween masks hold a magical power that makeup cannot do … they can transport you to another time and place or make you feel like a super hero. From early times people have worn masks in order to take on new identities, worship certain Gods or spirits of the earth. There are varieties of Halloween masks available on line from the Halloween witch and vampire to the magical Halloween ballerina, even in the form of actual living people.V for vengeance Halloween mask with black hat and wig, Halloween costume ideas, Halloween mask tips, Halloween directory.

Here is a Halloween costume trick for a wonderful masquerade mask, if you want something very unique, take you every day plain mask and dress it up with hot glue gunning on beautiful things found in nature like leaves or ferns, flower petals or purchasing beads to put on. Another common item is using bird feathers and making a beak to create a haunting bird mask. Bird feathers were a common item worn by the Celts at their annual Samhain festival and also by the Venetians in Venice, Italy.

Just remember that by looking online, you can get a lot of great ideas and some real bargains on Halloween costumes and makeup. We at SpookyNite.com want to help you in your search for Halloween costume information so we have compiled information and resources that we hope will help you in finding what you need for your best and spookiest Halloween ever.

Halloween accessories

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