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Halloween Contact Lenses-Special effects eyes for Halloween costumes

A Halloween Contact Lenses is sure to make an impression. No matter how scary a costume mask may be, it most certainly allows you to see the eyes of the person wearing it. On the other hand, looking into someone’s eyes and not seeing the usual set of human eyes, is always kind of unnerving.

If you already use contact lenses, using a Halloween set of costume lenses will be nothing new. They feel just like any ordinary lens, except for the fact that they are not clear. With such lenses, you can have your eyes become completely black, white, lizard or cat like, or choose among many other hypnotic or exotic themes.

You can usually get Halloween contact lenses for around $39. Considering the impact it carries, you can say it is quite inexpensive. If you are trying to create a unique costume that stands out above all other costumes you'll find that adding some wonderful colored contact lenses will provide you with the theatrical Halloween statement that you are trying to achieve.

If you are looking for a stronger Halloween contact lens effect, you can have a look at scleral costume lenses. Regular contact lenses cover only your pupil and iris; scleral, on the other hand, cover the entire visible area of your eyes.

Theatrical SFX Halloween lenses are your best costume choice

These carry a more expensive price tag and require an adjustment period for you to get used to it - but that’s the best you can get if you want to be the all seeing eye of the party. Going above and beyond with theatrical SFX Halloween contact lenses will allow your costume to step straight into the movie world.

Cat eyes or maybe you would love to have the green eye of the mad Hatter or complete blackout contact lens look or maybe you want to provide some scary undead zombie colors (black zombie, green zombie, red zombie, and white zombie) that will be a great unsettling addition to fewer overall costume theme.

When you are looking for your contact lenses look for theatrical quality high-end type of contact lenses like the type they would use in Hollywood movies also make sure that your contact lenses are FDA approved.

Choose your lenses based on the character that you are trying to create whether it's from your favorite film or shows such as true blood or the extra system or your favorite vampire movie. Star Wars and werewolves are a favorite among a lot of people.

Halloween Wig-Making your Hair Stand Out from the Crowd
Using a Halloween Wig certainly is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get into the Halloween mood. Using it alone, or as a part of a more elaborate costume, it will make heads turn.

Halloween Vampire-Count Dracula at your Service
Masquerading as a Halloween vampire is not a very original idea, but you have to admit it: a vampire’s sure look great, whatever the occasion. Vampires seem to be one of the top favorites not only in movies and TV shows but also during Halloween season.

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