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Halloween Safety Tips-Provide a Fun and Safe Night for Children

We all consider Halloween to be a happy season, and for that there are some Halloween safety tips you should be well aware of to make sure it stays that way. Some people, for instance, insist on having fireworks without following the security guideline. These can be quite dangerous if they fall into children’s hands and can cause serious injuries. I’m sure no one wants their Halloween to become something they will regret for the rest of their lives, so… read carefully on some Halloween safety tips.

In the quest to create the perfect and scariest Halloween party, some people often go to extremes that can endanger their friends and family. Just like it isn’t fun to scare a more sensitive friend, all your Halloween gadgets should be installed and placed accordingly.

 Keeping your home safe is also a priority when you are adding Halloween decorations and providing an overall party theme to your home. With following some basic Halloween safety tips you will be able to provide a fun scary ride for everyone looking for it – but above all, it should be safe. That’s especially true when we’re talking about children.

 Halloween Safety Tips for Children When Trick-Or-Treating

As with the rest of the time and year make sure your children know that they are to cross at March crosswalks are well lit corners and to look both ways before they cross the road. Especially true at Halloween as children get excited and may forget to look.


  • Stay away from houses that are not lit very properly and do not accept rides from any strangers, you should also not enter into any house you feel is unsafe.
  • It is a better plan for candy time management to work up one side of the street and only cross once at the end and come back the other side of the street.
  • Always let your parents know where you are at all times in a certain area or street and make sure that you tell them if you are going to be late returning than what was agreed on for a time.

Parents of Trick-Or-Treaters

  • Make sure that your trick-or-treaters are accompanied by you or another adult (a neighbor or a friend of the family) that is out with another group of kids. Older children are safer if they stay in bigger groups.
  • Make sure you set up a predetermined time of return you also want to make boundaries of where the children are trick-or-treating in your area and how far they can go.
  • Children should be advised to not eat any of their candy or anything they have collected until they return home. This is where the parent can dispose of items that appear that they may have been tampered with or may not be properly wrapped.

Halloween Costume Safety For Children

Halloween Costumes for smaller children and teenagers can vary quite a bit and when you are choosing Halloween costume and overall theme for your child there are a variety of tips that you should consider when you are choosing Halloween costume. Not only in what the costume is but the accessories that the child will be carrying around with them.

Halloween Costume Safety

  • Bright colored Halloween costumes are a lot more visible at night. You may even want to add some reflective tape to your child's costume that will help further the safety aspect of their costume.
  • Flashlights are good lighting accessories for your child as it is usually dark out when trick-or-treating is well on its way and a flashlight will help immensely to see where they are going but also make them visible to other people around them including vehicles.
  • When you're choosing a Halloween costume for your child read the label and look for materials and accessories that are labeled with a flame resistant/retardant material.
  • Costume accessories are a great way for kids to have fun with their character. Make sure your costume accessories such as magic wand sticks, rods are even fake knives for pirates or blades for a Grim Reaper are soft and flexible and do not have any sharp edges.
  • Instead of Halloween mask consider using hypoallergenic makeup kits. Masks can typically impair your child's vision and breathing whereas the makeup will provide them and none restricted view and not make them feel they are suffocating under the mask.
  • Costume should be fitted loosely as you may want to layer their clothes or put a coat on underneath the costume to keep them warm during their trick-or-treating collection. Do not make them baggy or have them too long as this can be a tripping hazard. Typically you do not want costumes to be any longer than the child's ankles.
  • Having adequate footwear for your child is the best way for them to be safe when they are walking this will also include taking into consideration the weather conditions.

Safety is first when it comes to children

We all want our children to have a fun and safe Halloween this year and by properly incorporating a variety of different safety tips you will make it a fun and safe Halloween for your child. At the end of the evening they may even thank you with sharing some of their candy that they have collected.

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