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Set up a Halloween Graveyard-Create a graveyard scene for your home

There is nothing like setting up a Halloween graveyard on your front lawn to set the mood for your Halloween night. If you think a few black lights and hanging decorative elements are all it takes to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere just wait until you see how much more effective a graveyard can be. No matter how brave your guest may be, you’ll have a laugh when you see their faces as they pass through your Halloween graveyard.

Sure, this is not the kind of thing for the faint of heart, it requires quite a bit of time and dedication to set up right – but once you see the results, you will not regret it. All you need are a few fake tombstones (you can even get some with animated zombies that popup whenever someone gets close – definitely not for the faint of heart) and some Spanish moss and silk vines for extra credibility.

 If you want, some dramatic scenic lighting, sound effects, and the always advisable fog machine will take it to the professional Halloween outdoor decoration experience in creepiness factor. Skeletons are always a great choice for coming up out of the ground halfway up the waste with arms reaching out, providing a fun yet really scary experience.

Extra Halloween Accessories Are Great for Extra Special Effect

To add special accessories around your graveyard you cannot Halloween spider webs or Spanish moss around or over top of your graveyard. Another good realistic way to simulate a fresh grave is to dig up a little bit of the dirt in front of your tombstones providing you with the illusion of them being fresh graves.Graveyard tombstones in front of castle and iron metal fence, Halloween graveyards, outdoor Halloween decorations.

If you like you can put Halloween characters in and around your graveyard. Adding life-sized zombies and a black cat sitting in your graveyard gives the illusion of the living dead. Hanging bats and maybe small ghosts on a tree that may be in the yard or in and around your graveyard will add the extra characters that you may be looking for.

By adding some blue floodlights around the graveyard you will give that dim glow of the nighttime experience but still be able to see ghostly shadows reflecting off of the tombstones and your skeleton. Short picket fences that are leaning and joined with cobwebs or rustic rope is a wonderful way to court not your graveyard scene. It also adds the benefit of telling people to stay back and not walk through your graveyard, like they want to walk through there anyway.

Fake tombstones for your Halloween graveyard can be found on the internet starting at around $10 – but you may actually find some cheaper used ones if you have time to look around. This means you will not need to spend a fortune to create the Halloween party everyone will be talking about for months after the fact.

 Trust me: I know what I’m talking about. Just make sure you also have an alternate way into your home so that your less brave friends can get in without screaming their lungs out.

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