Harry Potter Halloween Costume, Harry Potter Halloween Costumes.

Creating Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

The Harry Potter Halloween costumes has grown to such an extent that it is on the verge of taking on legendary connotations. The reason for this is fairly obvious; it is the fact that the majority of children can relate to Harry Potter and his friends problems, issues and lives.

As you must have noticed, the still growing popularity of Harry Potter and his buddies has resulted in a domino effect in other aspects of life as well. One such aspect is the number of Harry Potter Costumes and Accessories that can be spotted at Halloween. The majority of these were made by way of readymade costumes that are available in the market.

However, you can create your very own Harry Potter Halloween costume, regardless of your age or financial clout. The following are some tips on how you can find and create a Harry Potter Halloween costume.

What do you need?

Making yourself look like Harry Potter is one of the simplest things that you can aim for, this Halloween. The reason for this is it is a contemporary character and is usually visualized in jeans, sneakers, a long sleeved striped shirt, round rimmed glasses, some makeup equipment, accessories etc. Even though such items are fairly commonplace, they can still incite the image of Harry Potter in people's minds if worn in the right manner.

What is the next step in creating a Harry Potter Halloween costume?

The next step is a fairly simple thing to do but does involve an eye for detail. You need to take the round rimmed glasses and tape the bridge in a way that it looks like Harry Potter's glasses. Put on the pair of jeans with the striped long sleeved shirt and sneakers. In order to make the look more real, you should try to use a shirt that reflects the staple colors of the Gryffindor House.

 How to deal with the makeup?

Since you are a Harry Potter fan, you would be well aware of his hairstyle and the famous scar on the forehead. You need this scar or even a blind person will disregard you as Harry Potter. You can use a pink lipstick or a lip liner to make the scar on your forehead.

Have a photograph of Harry Potter around so that you can get the orientation of the scar and its exact shape and style right. Once you are done with the scar, the next thing to do would be your hairstyle. While referring to the photograph, take some hair mousse or gel to get your hairstyle to resemble Harry Potter's.

How to accessorize?

Accessorizing a Harry Potter Halloween costume is something that can be the clincher for any outfit. For example, a witch's costume without a broomstick will just look like an old, ugly woman. Similarly, having that wand or Harry Potter's typical Firebolt broom is very significant for you to metaphorically underline your entire Harry Potter Halloween costume. An alternate look would be carrying a broom and a snitch made out of a table tennis ball and some feathers.

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