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Cheap Halloween Costumes-Discount Coctumes for Halloween

 More and more individuals are starting to learn how to create cheap Halloween costumes by using items around the home. While the economy is quite shaky, it does not mean that one cannot take part in the festivities that occur near and on Halloween. Creating your own Halloween costume can be much more fun than purchasing one from a retailer.

First, it allows you to put your own creative spin on what you decide to dress up as. Second, it makes you unique. I mean, if all shoppers pool together in the same retailer, it is quite likely that you will run into someone in your community wearing the same costume.

Lastly, it allows you to put back that $20.00 to $50.00 in your savings or allows you to invest it in something more important than a costume. Here, I will provide some creative tips on how to create cheap Halloween costumes at home.

When creating cheap costumes from using the materials around your home, the first place to start is your closet - and possibly even the closets of your relatives. Of course, be sure to ask permission before you just go snooping through someone else's closets. If you are a female, you may get inspiration from male clothing. If you are a male, you may get inspiration from female clothing.

There are even ideas that can be obtained from everyday clothing that is too large. You can be a model, a rock star, a hobo or many other things by mixing and matching various clothing pieces. Also, pay attention to the shoe racks in your closet - you can mix and match shoes to create a unique look for yourself this Halloween!

If you want to create cheap Halloween costumes by using items around the house, then go check out the garage or the shed or even the attic! Large barrels can be used to create unique costumes like a giant coke can or a bucket of paint. Old cardboard can be used to create unique masks and costumes such as a robot, Frankenstein, and others like Godzilla. Broken toys and items similar in nature can be used to create unique Halloween costumes.

One idea I recently stumbled upon was one a man created called Babe Magnet. He dressed in a basic jogging outfit and glued various Barbie Dolls all over it! While not the most imaginative, it did have a sense of creativity. There are many ways that you can create cheap Halloween costumes by using items around the home - all it takes is a little imagination and time!

Halloween Witch Costume-Party or be Cursed this Halloween
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